Monday, July 2, 2012

From 3D Model to Resin-Cast Doll - Step 2

Step two is receiving the printed prototype a day before it was scheduled to arrive!

On initial inspection, he looks great (but so teeny).

There are a couple of issues I need to address before I can string him together.
I will need to go at him with some sandpaper and drill bits, some pieces haven't printed hollow (probably due to the teeniness), and I didn't allow for any ease between his joints and don't want to force anything, so I need to give the elbow and knee pieces a gentle reshaping.

Turns out that the un-hollowness was just residue leftover from the printing process, and I found that the force needed to fit his knees and elbows in was less than I thought.

I'm going to leave him strung for a few days, and "test" his design.
I've already picked up on some aspects that are going to need alteration, and will make a more detailed post about that later.


Эри said...

Oh, is it possible to purchase him? :-)

Alana Garmonsway said...
He is available for preorder right now!
I expect him to be ready to ship before early February

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