Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beginning...

Hi, I'm Alana.

Garmonsway Design is a brand new (ad)venture for me.
I have spent the majority of the last decade and a bit feeling progressively more and more that my creative "urges" were pulling my in a different direction than my career was heading. In 2011 these pesky little voices telling me to "make art" became overwhelming, and I caved in. I handed in my notice at my nice, stable job - and am diving into the business of making toys and art as my own boss.

Yes. Toys and Art.
I believe that a child's toys are their first introduction to the world of Art, and it saddens me when children are 'encouraged' to "grow up" and put away those toys. Toys are for grown-ups too!

We (the royal "we" currently) will be designing and producing a range of products, and you can follow along right here on this blog!

You will see plush toys, One Of A Kind Art Dolls, and I'm planning some adventures into resin, and maybe even porcelain...

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You little beauty!!

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